April, 2017
Primal Flash is the glimpse of the energy and power of a moment in the collaborative creative soul. Saffell Gardner, a painter/visionary, and Sarah Mark, a fiber artist and designer, came together to create a collection of garments that can be worn or displayed as painted/sewn sculptures.

Each piece can be characterized by a vibrant, visual explosion full of movement and percussively contrastive bold arrangements of shapes, lines, textures and mixed media.  As the pieces developed, they each took on a life of their own and seem to invoke a ceremonial character inspired by how humans related to their environment and their creator.

They began their process drawing inspiration from the West African Mande hunter shirts, which were covered in materials the hunters gathered on their adventures and each adornment contained significant symbolism to the wearer.  They also drew inspiration from elements of Native American & Japanese culture.  Sarah and Saffell are both interested in the exploration garments can have in reflecting cultural symbolism, self-expression, identity and relationship to one’s environment.